Tailored cloud solutions for secure decision making

Water drop in a forest fire

Emergency management

Solutions that help large-scale emergency operations have a global vision and get ahead of the problem. Our users, such as the Xunta de Galicia, manage forest fires and maintain control of the situation by knowing, at all times, the location of each of the resources that help extinguish the flames. They can also monitor and represent the whole territory on the map, helping to save lives, property and the environment.

Real-time data integration

A solution focused on simplifying processes in highly complex situations

Decision making based on analysis and forecasts

GIS meteorology

Forecasting and meteorology

Our platform, Weather Map Site, enables you to track the evolution of over 100 meteorological variables in real-time, both short and long-term, for any location in the world. It doesn’t matter if you're not an expert in meteorology; thanks to the integration of GIS technology, you can easily visualize the impact of meteorology on professional sectors such as energy and utilities, emergencies, traffic, insurance, and many others.

Enhanced forecasting based on high-resolution modeling

Customized products with enhanced forecasting models

Weather and climate reports

Location intelligence

Location Intelligence

Our GIS solutions help managers and technicians in many fields, urban planners keep their information updated and extract data in a simple fashion. Civil engineers use GIS tools to follow the inspection of infrastructures, the DGT calculates routes for special transports throughout its road network, ornithologists study the migratory behavior of birds from Northern Europe to Southern Africa...

We provide geographical information intelligence

Integrated solutions and spatial data processing services

We simplify the capture and processing of spatial data