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A web+GIS solution with a dashboard where technicians and management can monitor the status of the entire system
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With our system we were able to provide a complete overview to municipal technicians and infrastructure managers, a GIS approach also allows them to have a standardized information system, a key element in the field of Smart Cities.

We centralized in a web and mobile App the maintenance management of more than 8,000 traffic light components for traffic management in the City of León, designing a platform to visualize all assets, enabling the ability to assign the different maintenance tasks and configuring this frequency.

The field technicians have a mobile app to manage the assignment of their daily tasks, such as scheduled maintenance or new incidents, this includes route calculation, optimization of the daily workload and facilitating the exchange of information in real time between what happens at street level and the service managers’ viewers.

In addition, our solution allows the management of different incidents, from the moment they occur until they are concluded, recording these times and being able to exploit the data through dashboards where different indicators can be visualized. The report and statistics generation functionalities facilitate the transfer of information between different municipal areas.

We incorporate each element via GIS to optimize the access to data

Technicians are provided an app in order to track maintenance and new parts

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