We were able to provide firefighting technicians with a 360º real-time view of the emergency at the most critical moments

Using GIS technology, we help with decision making in highly complex situations
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Imagen satélite de un incendio
The official statistics of the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula accumulate year after year,  accounting for almost 50% of burnt forest area in Spain. The situation in Galicia involves a large operation that incorporates managers, firefighting technicians and both aerial and terrestrial resources. The coordination of all these actors requires a spatial vision that allows an analysis of the situation and facilitates effective decision making in environments of maximum complexity.

Since 2016 Vexiza has helped manage and evolve the fire management system of the Forest Fire Prevention and Defense Service (SPDIF) of the Xunta de Galicia, the most significant in terms of the number of resources mobilized in each campaign, supporting complex situations in which the concurrence of events is one of the great challenges to be solved.

Thanks to the integrations made by Vexiza, the video surveillance network, which covers more than 60% of Galician territory, can be managed easily from XenoCode, allowing the identification of points in a camera image on a map. 

Recently, important functionalities have been incorporated, such as the mobile application XenoCode Lite, which allows for the designing of the operative map in an agile way, indicating the meeting points, the fire breaks to be made, the routes followed by the fire, the provisional perimeters, etc. Media have also reported on this new app. Media have also reported on this new app.

Effective decision making in highly complex environments

In real time, all the information is shared with the rest of the resources deployed in the territory

Xunta de Galicia

XeoCode y XeoCode Lite
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Imagen satélite de un incendio

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