User manual

Add new crop

By clicking on the “+”  button at the bottom of the screen, you will view the add new land screen. You have to insert the following information:

  • Name: a descriptive name of the crop for you, to identificate your land.
  • Crop type: insert the crop type planted on your land.
  • Irrigation system: select the irrigation system that you are using to irrigate the land.
  • Planting date: select the date when you planted your crops on the land.
  • Map: move the map pointing the center marker on the location of your land. NOTE: the land must be on the Castilla y León region from Spain or close to it (less than 100 km), because the open data source used to collect the meteorological data only provides data from this region.

When you have fulfilled all the information, you can select the button “Add crop” to save your new land.

After this operation you will have a new land on the land list screen, and you will get the irrigation suggestion for today.

Crop list

From this screen you can see a list of all your lands with a summary of their most important information, such as:

  • Heading picture showing the crop type.
  • Circle picture showing the irrigation system.
  • Irrigation suggestion for today on the selected land.
  • Planting date of the selected land.
  • Text with the crop type.

You just have to take a look at this screen to know if you should irrigate one of your crops.

Crop details

When you select one of your crops from the crop list, you will see the crop details view. From this view you can see different data of the selected crop, such as:

  • Heading picture showing the crop type.
  • Circle picture showing the irrigation system.
  • Irrigation suggest for today on the given land.
  • Rain forecast for next 48h.
  • Forecast for next 7 days.
  • Details of your crop (crop type, irrigation system, planting date…).
  • Button to mark as harvesting your crop.

Take notice that if you compare the irrigation suggestion for today with the rain forecast for next 48h, you can decide if you need to irrigate. In the example shown on the screenshot, the rain forecast is 34 liters and the crop water needs are 8 liters, so irrigation wouldn’t be necessary today.


When you are on the land details screen of one land, you can harvest it by selecting the harvest button. That means that you have finished the irrigation of that crop and you will not need recommendations anymore. This operation hides the crop from the crops list.


From the land list view you can select the “i”  button on the top of the screen to see the about view. On this view it is shown all information about the copyright and the acknowledgement of funding of the app.