the app that allows farmers to have a more efficient water management, irrigating only with the water the crops need

OSIRIS app features

  • The user can insert, update or delete their geolocated land.
  • In the first consulting of the field, farmer must feed the app with crop calendar data and irrigation method.
  • These data will be used together with the meteorological data to detect crop irrigation needs.
  • The user will receive notifications when fields need irrigation.
  • Feedback from the users will be collected to improve the service and the results.

Open Data

ITACYL Agroclimatic data

The agroclimatic data is collected by the SIAR network and the weather stations owned by ITACyL (Agricultural Technology Institute of Castile-León). The SIAR network is a project of the General Directorate of Rural Development, Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs of Spain.

This data is collected hourly by weather stations in the region of Castilla y León from Spain.

Data access and policies

ITACyL allows anybody to use and modify the data collected by the weather stations as it is show on their FTP server. The license that follows the database is an ODC Open Database License (ODbL) v1.0, which is detailed on their website.

Data sharing and use

This agroclimatic information will be used by OSIRIS to estimate the crop water requirements with the Penman-Monteith method according to FAO suggestions (and also followed by Inforiego).

AEMET predictions

AEMET is the State Meteorological Agency of Spain. They provide the 7 days weather forecast to datos.gob.es, which is a national initiative that organizes and manages -the Public Information Catalogue – of the public sector.

The open dataset catalogue allows access from a unique access point to the web pages that offer open source and reusable information from AEMET. Together with the available datasets for reuse are the metadata for useful characterization of the information contained: description, date of modification, available formats, etc.. All the datasets follow standard and reusable formats and are updated, at least, daily.



Developing an app focused on farmer’s social characteristics:

  • Age > 50 years old (aprox. 90% of farmers)
  • Not used to computers
  • Getting used to mobile phone when working
  • Gradually involved in TICs, like GPS in tractors, drones images, etc.

In methodology

To estimate crop water requirements:

  • Penman-Monteith method according to FAO suggestions (and also followed by Inforiego).
  • Estimation of irrigation data taking into account meteorological forecast.

This application has been developed within the MYGEOSS project, which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.